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Mr Tillerson went on to insist that “there were no discussions or prior contacts, nor had there been any since the attack with Moscow”, the Syrian leader’s chief supporter.But this was directly contradicted by the Pentagon which stressed that “multiple conversations” had taken place with the Russians on Thursday.It includes conflict and criminal related incidents; serious (i.e. The NGO Incident Rate (NIR) comprises a gross count of all incidents that involved an NGO in this country for the stated time period.It includes both criminal and conflict related events; serious (i.e. threats, petty robbery) incidents; and occurrences of both direct, indirect and/or accidental/collateral involvement.

The Gross Incident Rate (GIR) consists of all security incidents recorded and reported by INSO in this country for the stated period with no disaggregation or exclusion. arrests/seizures) and security-deteriorating incidents (i.e. It is not valuable in assessing the specific risk to NGOs and/or whether a situation is becoming better or worse as changes in the GIR may be caused by both positive (more arrests) or negative (more attacks) trends.The organising principle is that Iran is the root of all evil.There is no doubt that Iran is the root of some evil, but Mr Trump’s totalising claim and the exculpation of other regional states’ role in the current instability is not just analytically flawed but dangerous, leading ineluctably to hazardous policy objectives.Follow the latest updates on the American attack on Syria in our live blog Just a few days ago, US officials were confiding that regime change in Damascus was not something that Washington was contemplating, and Isis remained the target.Last night Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, said that Bashar al-Assad should no longer stay in power.

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