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And that’s where Meltzer is working to make a difference, by teaching future teachers how to do experiments, so they learn the activity as well as the content.“It’s a myth that students will learn very much if the teacher doesn’t know the material.”Meltzer, who works at the Polytechnic campus at Arizona State University, just completed a four-year project funded by the National Science Foundation to improve science teaching in grades kindergarten through eight by using classroom activities.It shouldn’t have been surprising that Abbas Manjee and Melissa Giroux sometimes delivered coffee to each other’s classrooms. But their students always called attention to the gesture by suggesting that the two were in love.“The kids would erupt in ‘oooooooooooooooohs,'” Manjee recalls.Below is a list of members of the administration, staff, and faculty at Polytechnic School.To locate a member, click on the drop-down menus below to search by division, department, or last name.

Nearly 20 percent of married Americans who work in education have spouses who do, too.He confessed that during their courtship it was not always smooth.“There were days where she would tell that she doesn’t want to see me.” They would eventually find a way to work things out.He said that typically, K-8 teachers aren’t required to have specialized science training, even though they're teaching physics concepts including mechanics, Newton’s laws of motion, electricity and magnetism, in physical science classes.“You don’t teach physical science by standing at a blackboard and lecturing to students. You get them involved in carrying out investigations, solving problems, doing experiments,” he said.Some of the 0,000 grant was spent on equipment that students use for experiments.

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