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In the 13th century, the Mongols erupted from their isolated homeland, forming one of the greatest empires the world has ever known.

Although they had a reputation as simple warriors, the Mongol ruling family soon became the richest and most powerful clan on Earth.

The second and final full day of the orchestra’s Ulaanbaatar residency included three concerts with vastly different audiences, inevitably yielding a wait-and-see provisional verdict.

Undoubtedly, the visit to Mongolia’s capital was a diplomatic success, with the Philadelphians wined, dined, and lauded by U. Ambassador Jennifer Galt and applauded by Walter Douglas, the deputy assistant secretary of state whose territory is East Asia.

Philadelphia Orchestra musicians perform Friday In Beatles Square in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar.

(L to r): Principal Trumpet David Bilger, trumpet player Anthony Prisk, Principal Horn Jennifer Montone, Co-Principal Trombone Matthew Vaughn, and bass trombonist Blair Bollinger.

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Running the stop arm on school buses is a serious and dangerous problem.Genghis Khan is everywhere — in statues, on money, in banks — and suspiciously resembles Orson Welles.Could the Philadelphia Orchestra achieve impact and relevance in a world so far afield from home?PHOTO: Jan Regan /The Philadelphia Orchestra ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia — The expansive blue sky is an object of worship in Mongolia, where people flick drops of milk and vodka heavenward as a tribute.Nomads are often retired urban professionals in search of a lower-stress life and the company of livestock.

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