Error validating the default for column id newsequentialid Old ladys sexcams com

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For example, a computed column can have the definition: cost AS price * qty.

The expression can be a noncomputed column name, constant, function, variable, and any combination of these connected by one or more operators.

The column is computed from an expression that uses other columns in the same table. ] table_name ( [ PERIOD FOR SYSTEM_TIME ( system_start_time_column_name , system_end_time_column_name ) ] ) [ WITH ( can be a maximum of 128 characters, except for local temporary table names (names prefixed with a single number sign (#)) that cannot exceed 116 characters.Is an expression that defines the value of a computed column.On SQL Server, clusters of sequential values can develop when databases (such as contained databases) are moved to other computers. You can use NEWSEQUENTIALID to generate GUIDs to reduce page splits and random IO at the leaf level of indexes.When using Always On and on SQL Database, clusters of sequential values can develop if the database fails over to a different computer. Each GUID generated by using NEWSEQUENTIALID is unique on that computer.

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