Do sikhs support interracial dating

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The short answer is "yes"; as Sikhi is all about freedom for choice for all.

However, when dealing with the Punjabi culture you will find that this answer will not be found acceptable; most Punjabi will argue that Sikhi says "no" to inter racial marriages.

Within the last few years the topic of homosexuality has become much more discussed in religions all over the world, and this has created a fierce debate of whether homosexuality is acceptable in Sikhism.

The fact that it is not mentioned in the Guru Granth Sahib has sparked debate within the religion, and the once tabooed topic of homosexuality is now being discussed within Sikhism.

Sikhism isn't just a religion, it is a way of life, and for someone to live that life, they have the right to select their own morals and ethical values.

But it seems Sikhs and Hindus or shall we say Punjabi Sikhs and Gujarati Hindus will more likely date a person of another race altogether then with each other. But its a shame that we are seeing many of our people marrying other races and religions.As time progresses the divide between the two ways of thinking has become clear and the generational rift has created conflicting views in modern Sikhism.Many Sikhs believe there is nothing wrong The opposition of beliefs creates two different belief systems in Sikhism.The argument that rumbles on is that interfaith marriage has no place in Sikhism if lived according to a Sikh guide, the Rahit Maryada. According to Harpreet Singh, a Sikh theologian at Harvard University, Sikhs first codified their rites of passage in the court of [the tenth guru] Guru Gobind Singh, around the year 1700.These written texts were called rahitnamas or the “letters of rahit”.

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