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We came up with some questions you could ask yourself clear the confusion and help you make the right decision. If the first thought that crossed your mind was that you have dated better, do not let that stop you from going on a second date.

Your date may have intellectual qualities or a sense of humor which may more than make up for the lack of physical attributes.

This is the stuff guys around the world want to know.

Do put up points in their favor if you felt that they took time and made an effort to look good.

However, if their grunge look made you wonder if they even knew they’d come for a date, don’t think twice before saying no. Eye contact fosters trust and understanding and hence is a pointer to the quality of future interaction you may have with someone.

Despite being an incredibly intelligent young man, his knowledge of contraception and the plight of women in modern dating culture were a little lax at first.

This conversation came hot on the heels of a number of prior conversations regarding our culture surrounding heterosexual women’s sexual experiences, and my discovery of the new dating fad: .

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