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At first, Christine claims that three black men kidnapped & raped her, but the evidence doesn't match her testimony and she keeps changing her story.Eventually, the detectives discover that she has been having an affair with her delivery guy and planned her kidnapping & rape."Our goal is to make every Guest that walks into our restaurants feel special," Kelli Valade, Chili's Grill & Bar President, said in a statement, "and we fully own that one of our restaurants fell short on an important day where we strive to honor our veterans and active military for their service." But really, this story isn't about Walker.It's about the person who looked at him and decided that he couldn't be a veteran. It's about the person who decided that urgent action was necessary lest Walker defraud the chain of an order of baby back ribs.According to Walker, the nosy man in question was wearing Donald Trump paraphernalia.Because of that, some people are making this a neat and tidy story about Trump and a new scarier season of intolerance his election is ushering in.But such a framing is too simplistic and lets too many people off the hook.

"It's time for that to stop." The July 2015 shooting of Loku, 45, which sparked days of protests by the group Black Lives Matter, was an unnecessary tragedy, Shime said.

Police, he said, had no reason to resort to deadly force. John Carlisle heard how six people had interacted with Loku, whom neighbours described as a sweet man, in the run-up to the shooting.

They said they had been able to calm him down and he was on the verge of giving up the hammer he was holding when police — responding to a 911 call about a drunk, angry man — raced into his apartment building and confronted him. Andrew Doyle fired twice, hitting Loku on the left side of the chest.

TORONTO — The police killing of a black father of five who was holding a hammer in an apartment building two years ago was a homicide, an inquest jury ruled Friday in a case infused with allegations of racism.

The coroner's inquest verdict carries no criminal or civil liability, but the jury also made 39 recommendations, including several aimed at officer training, especially with regard to both overt and subconscious racist attitudes.

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