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But after Ehud’s story and before Deborah’s comes this one verse: Shamgar is not specifically described here as a “judge,” but two things tell us that he was one.First, he came “after” Ehud — that is, ruled after him.In the five years since her season aired, her looks -- and life -- have been ravaged by meth addiction.Jael's family have staged an intervention with the help of Dr. Watch the dramatic footage below: Caridee English, who won a different season of "America's Next Top Model," commented about Jael's plight on Gawker:"They should have evaluated her a lot more before letting her on the show., currently in its third season on public television inspiring viewers with the power of craft and American ingenuity, will feature a profile of Denver-based master pen maker Jake Weidmann, one of only 12 in the world with that title.The show's host, Eric Gorges--a renowned metal shaper and the motorcycle builder at the heart of Voodoo Choppers--continues his quest for America’s finest craftsmen in the series’ third season, documenting what it means to be a modern day maker.Weidmann shows Gorges start to finish how he handcrafts elegant pens from a simple piece of wood, and teaches his guest some basic calligraphy strokes.“In a disposable world, craftsmanship is a lasting and loving legacy to future generations,” says host and producer Eric Gorges.“We’ve lost our ability to appreciate the quality and the fact that someone put part of themselves into that creation.

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From Ramoth-Gilead he set out for Samaria and seized the throne.Do not think of someone wearing a wig or holding a gavel.The word might better be translated as “magistrates” — that is, people who were not in any sense “royal” but who ruled whatever area of the country they could control and who issued “rulings” (משפטים, mishpatim) as a way of governing.He established a line of kings, who ruled over Israel for nearly 100 years ( Kings ; ).Most of the biblical sources on Jehu's reign concern his struggle for the throne.

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