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In an initiative to encourage more of its cardholders to enjoy the festival, Master Card will hold an exclusive pre-sale and will offer special discounts on ticket prices for the festival’s screenings.

Also thanks to Master Card's generous sponsorship, IFF Panama presents the Master Card Audience Award for Best Central American and Caribbean Film.So now what do we do with ourselves we were thinking?“Turkey’s hosting of this element will constitute our country’s contribution to the defence system being developed in the framework of Nato’s new strategic concept.Begun in 1727 and completed in just 8 years, Jaipur was the first city in India to enjoy rigorous town planning according to the principles laid down in "Shilpa Shastra," an ancient Indian treatise on architecture.The city is protected by high walls, with wide, straight avenues that divide it into nine sectors, or chokris (apparently reflecting the nine divisions of the universe, resembling the Indian horoscope), each named after the commodity and caste who lived and practiced their specific skills here -- the order and space was at the time a total revolution in Indian cities.

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